Cardone 66-1430 Constant Velocity Drive Axle

Cardone 66-1430 Constant Velocity Drive Axle, CV (Constant Velocity) - Canada. Cardone 66-1430 Constant Velocity Drive Axle in CV (Constant Velocity).. New axle nuts are supplied, where applicable, for hassle-free installation 。 100% Neoprene boots ensure excellent ozone resistance which eliminates cracking, a leading cause of boot failure 。 Boot clamps are pneumatically crimped creating a perfect seal between the boot and housing 。 High quality grease withstands high-temperature and high-torque demands which extends joint life 。 High-tech grinding machines maintain the original design of the outer housing, race and cage to guarantee reliable performance 。 Cardone Select constant velocity drive axles are designed to ensure our new axles meet or exceed the original fit, form and function. Duralast technology is based on years of reverse-engineering expertise, where original design weaknesses are identified and corrected, resulting in a premium-quality, brand-new parts you can rely on. 。 。 。

Cardone 66-1430 Constant Velocity Drive Axle
Cardone 66-1430 Constant Velocity Drive Axle
Cardone 66-1430 Constant Velocity Drive Axle
Cardone 66-1430 Constant Velocity Drive Axle
Cardone 66-1430 Constant Velocity Drive Axle
Cardone 66-1430 Constant Velocity Drive Axle

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Cardone 66-1430 Constant Velocity Drive Axle

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