Motorad MGC-839T Tethered Fuel Cap

Motorad MGC-839T Tethered Fuel Cap, Fuel Tank Caps - Canada. Motorad MGC-839T Tethered Fuel Cap in Fuel Tank Caps.. Come pre-assembled for quick and easy installation 。 Several fastener options to work with any fuel cap compartment configuration 。 Fits vehicles originally equipped with tether 。 Reduces air pollution with proper sealing and venting 。 Manufactured from durable, long-life materials 。 You no longer need to go to the dealer to replace your old, worn out or broken tethered fuel cap. Perfect, affordable option as a direct replacement to your OE tethered cap, ready to install quickly and easily. Manufactured with high quality materials for long lasting durability. 。 。 。

Motorad MGC-839T Tethered Fuel Cap
Motorad MGC-839T Tethered Fuel Cap
Motorad MGC-839T Tethered Fuel Cap
Motorad MGC-839T Tethered Fuel Cap
Motorad MGC-839T Tethered Fuel Cap
Motorad MGC-839T Tethered Fuel Cap

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Motorad MGC-839T Tethered Fuel Cap

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